The trails of Tinos… Ideal for hiking…

The trails of Tinos… Ideal for hiking…

Tinos’ once consisted of countless footpaths, in order to achieve communication and transport. The rural roads of Tinos’ citizens, now formed into accessible hiking trails, date back thousands of years. Handmade constructed through the help, mostly of horses and donkeys, used to connect “central cities” (ἄστυ) to harbors, rural areas, villages, any type of mill and religious centers. 

Although they were mainly man-made, (Tinos is known as the handmade island), sometimes nature gave us geological masterpieces. Nowadays, through the rise and development of ecotourism, these paths are capable of revealing their cultural and aesthetic worth, since they are now accessible to everyone.

Tinos trails has organized a hiking trails network, which combined total exceeds 150 kilometers. What’s innovative about Tinos’ Trails is the fact that there are numerous hiking routes for you to choose from (12 routes), while them being separated into categories. More specifically, they are divided into:

Easy, moderate, Kids friendly,

Long, short, coastal, for swim or loop.

Something really helpful is the free app which you can download from Google play here and from App store, here. It is translated in 4 languages, therefore making the process of hiking easier, interactive and more enjoyable. What’s more, Tinos’ Trails through their website, offers you the ability of having a more detailed look of the destination that you are to follow. 

Even though every trail is unique, impressive and will certainly create unforgettable memories, we as Anoi Rooms suggest you not to miss out on :

«Nature in Antithesis»

«The Road of the Water and the Castle»

«Heading to the Quarries».

However, you should decide whichever fits your physical and artistic requirements.

Check their website here, for more information and do not forget to follow their instructions for what you will need but also for basic rules of hiking in order to be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest !!!

At the bottom of our page we have one click phone numbers that you may find useful or for an emergency.


166 is for Health emergency,

199 is the Fire department,

100 is the Police

112 is the European number of emergency.

And… stay on the trail. There is a reason why for many centuries people chose to walk on them and not elsewhere!

We chose the best destinations for you in terms of Culture, Religion, and Beaches.

Much more information can be found at,, and


Also, visit our new website and see the routes we have prepared with the interactive maps (1st, 2nd, and 3rd route) that make up the one-day tour and visit them with our rental vehicles.

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