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Tinos: The handmade island, the Muse of the Aegean sea.



Tinos was named after King Tino, the first settler of the island and leader of a group of Ionians from Cariati of Asia Minor, who lived here in prehistoric times. A local tradition attributes the name to Princess Tinos.

According to a legend of Greek mythology, the god of the sea, Poseidon sent to this island a swarm of storks in order to relieve the ancient inhabitants of the many snakes that had almost invaded it. Thus, the inhabitants, grateful to Poseidon and his mythical wife, Amphitrite, built two temples to which they honored them as their patrons.




Characterized as “the island of Art and Culture” as it is the largest marble sculpting center in modern Greece with numerous anonymous masters and top renowned artists to attract their origin from the island, Tinos offers the visitor the opportunity to discover material and intangible cultural heritage through museums, art galleries, archaeological sites and religious sites.



You can walk through Tinos through a trekking net that exceeds 150 km. For more information on routes, easy or difficult, for children or on coastal as well as for what you need, you can find more here.

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