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Tinos at Cyclades, Greece

Rooms for rent 'Anoi'
N.Gizi 27, 842 00, Tinos

Cyclades – Greece

Α.Ε.Σ.Λ.: 1144K111K0091200

Αρ. Γνωστοποίησης 1161576

Phone 1: +30 6946 712 926

Phone 2: +30 6936 165 587

Phone 3: +30 2283 022 598


Facebook: tinosroomsanoi

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We speak Greek and English.


Our business is named after a local architectural term: the word “anoi” denotes the upper floor of traditional -primarily rural-houses, which here in Tinos are almost always adorned with marble skylights, exactly like the one we have chosen for our logo !

The street from us till Agiou Nikolaou does not exist.